Futon and Sofa Bed Fabric Protection - For Extra Piece of Mind

We all like to think we'll look after the things we buy, but with the greatest of care accidents do happen, which is why we offer Fabric Protection on all of the products that we make.

We use StainShield fabric protection, a mix of inert colourless odourless liquids that soak deep into the fabric fibres and protect them from the ingress of fabric staining spills.

As a result most liquids and foodstuffs will not get absorbed into the fabric fibres and can simply be wiped off.  A damp cloth may help followed by drying with a towel.  

At Sit and Sleep we offer many types of fabric.  Those based on natural fibres, such as our cotton drill fabrics are more susceptible to staining and so fabric protection offers a big advantage.

Even with our easy care fabrics such as Prime although most stains will wipe or wash out, Fabric Protection offers an enhanced resistence to staining so your futon or sofa bed can stay looking like the day you bought it for much longer.

StainShield fabric protector is generously hand-applied to order.  As the protector needs to dry thoroughly before we wrap and send out your futon, please bear in mind that we will normally need an extra 24 hours to StainShield your futon before despatch.