Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about our products and service.  Just click on any of the questions to reveal the answers.  
If you can't see the answer you are looking for or need more information please contact us.

Diagrams of each model, both in sofa mode and bed mode (where relevant) with all of the dimensions are found in the ‘Dimensions’ tab below the main image and thumbnail images on the full page for each of the respective products.
It depends on the specific fabric that the Removable Cover is made from. Several of the fabrics are dry-clean only but our PRIME fabric (available in 10 colours) can be machine-washed at low temperature. 
Customers can select to have their choice of fabric for their futon mattress made as either a cover that is button-fixed to the futon fillings and cannot be removed or as a Removable Cover.
Removable Covers fit over the futon mattress like a snug-fitting duvet cover and can be taken off for dry-cleaning or, depending on the fabric, low temperature machine-wash, whereas button-fixed covers cannot be removed and any spot-cleaning that is required has to be done whilst still being buttoned in place. 
The majority of our products require some home-assembly.  On each product page the assembly tab gives an overview of the amount of home assembly needed.  Please note many products are 95% assembled - meaning that the product has been fully assembled during it's manufacture by us and partially dis-assembled to allow for easy transport and delivery.  
For some larger items you may find it easier if two people are available to work together on the assembly.
If you need something urgently the best way to place an order is by telephone – that way we can discuss your requirements, take the order and arrange the delivery day at the same time.
If your preference is for something that has a longer lead time than your ‘must-have-by’ date we can discuss alternatives that might be acceptable to you. If you don’t need an urgent delivery just place your order online, you will receive the standard order confirmation e-mail and Sit and Sleep (or our contracted delivery companies) will contact you to agree a delivery day.
As an internet-business, we don't produce a printed catalogue. All of our product information is available on our website and is kept up-to-date.
The Sit and Sleep Removable Covers are made to standard sizes to fit our own futon mattresses but, depending on your requirement, we can often make custom-size Removable Covers – please e-mail us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for a quotation.
We do not supply any other retailers or distributors so all of our self-manufactured products can only be seen at our own showroom near to Cambridge. To see where we are please use the 'Visit’ button towards the top of each page on our website.
Yes, on our website we show the prices inclusive of the prevailing rate of VAT. If you are resident in, and have requested delivery to, the Channel Islands, please call us to place your order and we will deduct the tax accordingly.
Yes, please call us to place your order and we will adjust the tax accordingly.
Some fabrics are more expensive for us to buy in and these fabrics therefore cost more to the customer. Sit and Sleep offers a range of different fabrics at various price levels to suit all requirements and tastes. The basic plain cotton drill fabrics do not incur any additional costs but most of the textured fabrics do.
Sit and Sleep Removable Covers are sized to fit Sit and Sleep futon mattresses, however they may well fit futon mattresses purchased elsewhere. Customers should measure their own futon mattress (in centimetres) and check these against the dimensions shown for Sit and Sleep futon mattresses.
The dimensions are found in the ‘Dimensions’ tab below the cut-through illustration on the individual mattress specification pages.
Yes. We deliver to Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The delivery charge depends on the product that you order. For Northern Ireland this cost is automatically calculated at the checkout. For orders to the Republic of Ireland, please contact us prior to placing your order so we can advise the most competitive delivery charge. Delivery takes a little longer to both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
 Yes. The delivery charge depends on the product that you order. Please contact us prior to placing your order so we can advise the most competitive delivery charge. Delivery takes a little longer.
Yes. For orders to offshore Islands, please contact us prior to placing your order so we can advise the most competitive delivery charge. Delivery takes a little longer.
No, at this time we do not ship to continental Europe or other parts of the world.
Assembly of a product for customers is not a service that we offer as standard as it is not available in all areas. Requests will be considered on an individual basis - customers can contact Sit and Sleep to see if this service is available in their delivery area. There is an additional charge if this service is available.
Many of our products can be delivered on Saturdays but the availability of this option can also depend on the delivery area. Sit and Sleep uses different delivery companies/services depending on the product type ordered – please call us if you would like to know if this service is available in your area. Saturday deliveries cost more than our standard weekday delivery service. Quotes are calculated on an individual basis.
Sit and Sleep uses different delivery companies/services depending on the product ordered. Generally speaking each delivery company is contracted/obliged to deliver only to the ground floor entrance of the delivery address. If customers cannot manage to move the packages on their own they should make arrangements for assistance to be on hand on the day of delivery. Depending on the product ordered and the delivery company that can be used to a specific delivery area it may be possible for us to arrange for the goods to be taken to floors above ground level – this will cost more than our standard delivery service. Customers who live above ground level should call Sit and Sleep to take advice before placing an online order. Failure to advise Sit and Sleep of a requirement for a delivery to floors above ground level - at the time of placing an order OR at the time of booking the delivery (delivery bookings are made either by Sit and Sleep or by one of our contracted delivery companies) may result in the delivery not being possible on the agreed day and may incur a second delivery charge.
If a customer (or their representative) is not at the delivery address on the agreed day/time a re-delivery charge will apply – the re-delivery charge is calculated on an individual basis and may be greater than the delivery charge.  
Sit and Sleep (or our contracted delivery companies) always contacts customers to agree a delivery day for their order (except for some small packages (e.g. Removable Covers) and Zipit Roll-up Mattresses).
Customers can request delivery of their order on a particular day and it is very rare that this cannot be accommodated, within production/despatch lead-time constraints. However, it should be understood that it is not always possible to achieve customer preferences due to the delivery address location within the delivery company’s schedule. Customers should give Sit and Sleep as much notice as possible to increase the achievability of a ‘must-have-by’ date.
All deliveries have to be checked to ensure that all of the parcels are present, that the packaging shows no obvious signs of damage caused during transit and signed for. Please consider an alternative delivery address (e.g. a work/business address, or a neighbour, where someone will be available to accept a delivery), asking someone to be at the delivery address to accept a delivery on your behalf or calling us to see if a Saturday delivery is an option for your chosen product/delivery area. A Saturday delivery costs more than our standard weekday delivery charge.
Please look at our Terms & Conditions before purchasing, there is a link towards the bottom of every page of our website.
No, your e-mail address is only used by Sit and Sleep in reply to a question that you send us and for Order Confirmation, contacting you to discuss your order and for Delivery Information of your order.
Yes, if you pay by credit/debit card on line it is secure and we don’t see your card details at all, just a transaction reference. You can make payment by credit/debit card by telephone but you will need to read out your card details to a sales person at Sit and Sleep – if you choose this option we shred your details once we have processed the payment.
Yes, you can pay by cheque but the processing of payment, and therefore your order, takes considerably longer. It takes 10 working days (approx) from the time of receiving a cheque to confirm that our bank has cleared the payment. Production, or allocation of stock, does not start until we have confirmation of payment from our bank so orders paid for by cheque can take 20 working days (approx) from receipt of an order to delivery.{slider=Please note customers who come to our showroom/warehouse and wish to take a product away with them CANNOT pay by cheque.
No, there is no extra charge for any type of payment.