Sit and Sleep
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  • Normal Bed Height
  • Armrests Available
  • Choice of 4 Sizes
Optional Removable Cover :
  1. #Details#
    Our most popular futon, the Traditional has fold-out legs which automatically lift the base up as you fold it out as a bed.  This gives a sleeping surface height similar to a normal bed, making the Traditional Futon ideal for people of all ages.

    Folds out from the rear

    Simple conversion from futon seat to futon bed.

    Fold out the rear in one action to form a bed, the legs rise automatically
    High bed sleeping height

    High futon sleeping height

    No sleeping low down to the floor, ideal for all ages
    Available in 4 futon sizes

    Available in 4 sizes of futon.

    Choose from a Single (76cm/2'6"); Compact Double (122cm/4'), Standard Double (137cm/4'6") or King Double (152cm/5'0")
    Futon base with wheels

    Futon base with wheels

    Discrete wheels make it easy to move and position the Traditional futon
    Optional detachable arms

    Detachable Futon Armrest Option

    These arms also make a headboard when the base is used as a bed
    Fully assembled futon frame sections

    Fully Assembled Futon Frame

    Just a few minutes final set-up is all that's needed before use.

    Original Futon.  Our hand-made sumptuous Original futon comes as standard.  You can also choose from filling upgrades for even more comfort
  2. #Features#
    Mattress includes lambswool Made in the UK ECO-Friendly timber Parts Guarantee Choice of wood colours Large fabric choice Fast UK delivery
    UK Made ECO-Wood Parts

    Wood Colours

    The Traditional futon is available in a choice of sizes:
    76cm (2'6")

    Compact Double
    122cm (4')

    Standard Double
    137cm (4'6")

    King Double
    153cm  (5')

  3. #Comfort#
    This traditional Futon sofa bed comes as standard with our Original futon mattress which gives good performance as a sofa or bed.  

    For additional resilience and loft you can upgrade your mattress to the PolyLux mattress which includes an additional layer of 450g/m2 SuperBond Polyester.

    Original Futon Mattress


    PolyLux Futon Mattress

  4. #Dimensions#
    Dimensions in cm

    In Sofa/Chair Position

    In Bed Position


    Compact Double:122cm
    Standard Double:137cm
    King Double:150cm

    Headboard Arms add 24cm (for a pair) to the width as a seat

  5. #Packages#
    The TRADITIONAL futon is despatched as three packages. 
    Two cardboard boxes containing the base:

    Single Size: 
    84 x 94 x 17cm - 10Kg 
    81 x 79 x 38cm - 13Kg

    Compact Double: 
    127 x 94 x 17cm - 15Kg
    127 x 79 x 38cm - 18Kg

    Standard Double: 
    142 x 94 x 17cm - 16Kg
    142 x 79 x 38cm - 19Kg

    King Double:
    159 x 94 x 17cm - 17Kg
    159 x 79 x 38cm - 20Kg

    The Futon Mattress is rolled and bagged in heavy duty plastic.  
    Typical measurements and weights are:
    Single Size: 76 x 55cm (rolled) - 12Kg
    Compact Double: 122 x 55cm (rolled) - 18Kg
    Standard Double: 137 x 55cm (rolled) - 20Kg
    King Double: 152 x 55cm (rolled) - 22Kg

  6. #Assembly#
    Just link the two parts of the frame together with the Allen key bolts supplied.
    If you've also ordered the optional Headboard Arms, these require a small amount of additional assembly.
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