Futon Mattresses

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Futon mattresses

We hand make each and every futon here in Cambridge to ensure each one is perfect.

The type of futon best-suited to your needs depends on what sort of frame it is being put onto and what type of use your futon is going to get. We propose different Futon mattresses:

  • single fold futon;

  • bi-fold futon mattresses;

  • non-folding mattresses.

Most of the fillings we use for our futon mattresses are pure wool, which ensures that you get the most comfortable futon. As a general rule, more fillings and a thicker futon will be more comfortable and will last longer, but as most futons need to fold once or twice to fit a base, they can't be too thick otherwise they won't fold properly.

Please follow our guide below to show you the types of filling combinations we recommend for different uses.

Naturally since our Futon mattresses are all made on site, we can alter any detail to suit your needs perfectly.

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Double fold futon mattresses
Single fold futon mattresses
Futon mattresses for beds
FOAMLUX Futon Mattress
  • For Single Fold Frames
  • Reflex Foam and Woollen Fillings
£ 250.00
ORIGINAL Futon Mattress
  • For Double-Fold Bases
  • High-Loft Woollen Fillings
£ 170.00
POLYLUX Futon Mattress
  • For Double-Fold futon bases
  • Polyester and Woollen Fillings
£ 200.00
SUPERFOAM Futon Mattress
  • Bed Futon
  • Double Reflex Foam & Woollen Fillings
£ 325.00
SUPERPOLY Futon Mattress
  • For Single-Fold futon bases
  • Double Polyester & Woollen Fillings
£ 230.00
SUPREME Futon Mattress
  • For Single-Fold futon bases
  • Extra High-Loft Woollen Fillings
£ 180.00