Ratings and Reviews for  BALDER Sofa Bed

Product Rating
5 / 5
Choose Innovation Mattress Comfort : SOFT SPRING Mattress with Back Frame Cover +230Optional Detachable Cover and Styling : With SHARP PLUS Mattress Cover +230Optional Seat Frame Cover : With Seat Frame Cover +145
It looks even better in real life than in the photos. High quality item. It is comfortable to sit on (bearing in mind that it isn't as soft/squishy as a traditional sofa) - the mechanism to open and close works very well and it feels robust like it will last. I am using mine mostly as a sofa so have not yet tried sleeping on it but I expect it to be very comfortable.It requires some energy for one person to operate, it is no issue for me (small woman) but others might struggle if less able/fit.
Alessia. 10/7/2022 at 11h30