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History of Sit and Sleep and our Futon and Sofa Bed Manufacture

Sit and Sleep is a partnership formed in 2004 between Andrew Folbigg, Richard van Ewyk and Robert Dennes.  Both Robert and Richard have been already involved in futon making since 1992 when they set-up Futon Design, which was for many years a leading futon manufacturer supplying many prestigous and volume high street retailers.

With the development of internet-based furniture sales, in 2004 Richard, Robert and Andrew teamed up to form Sit and Sleep.  Andrew also has many years experience in the futon market and in retail customer service.


With our history and experience the core objective of Sit and Sleep has always been to design and make as many products as possible and then sell them directly via the internet to customers.

All of our many pine-based products are designed and made onsite.  All of our futon mattresses and other upholstery is cut, sewn and finished here in Cambridge too.  We are strong believers in the concept of British design and made.

We try hard to come up with new, original ideas, or to improve on established designs.  We like to lead ... not to follow...

Environmental Responsibility

Any responsible manufacturer should try to minimise their effect on the environment.  At Sit and Sleep we limit our impact in many ways:

All of our timber is sourced from Scandinavia from managed, certified, FSC forests where re-planting and good husbandry ensures that we put back more than we take out.  We purposely avoid using Radiata or Monterey  pine from New Zealand or other places as it is ecologically unsound to ship timber half-way across the world when locally-grown sources are available.

Our fillings are locally sourced from within the UK and our key filling supplier buys much of their raw materials in this country too.

For packaging we use only recycled low-grade card.  We do not use bleached white boards or use fancy printed boxes as these processes involve the use of hazardous chemicals and lead to packaging waste of limited recycle-ability.

All of the products that we make are very carefully designed so they will give many years of service.  We take great care in production quality and as a result we almost never have to repair or replace any items, not only is this good for us and our customers but is avoids unnecessary shipping of various parts.

Sofa Bed Value and Design

Because we make most the futons and sofa beds we sell, and because we have low overheads we are able to provide genuinely good-value.  All of our products are made with good-quality materials and designed to be durable and practical, and easy to assemble !

Bespoke Futons and Sofa Bed Services

Many of our sofa beds can be adapted to special lengths or widths and we can make futons mattresses in mos sizes and even some shapes.  If you have a special or unusual requirement, please contact us and we will do our best to help.