Sofa Beds for Narrowboats

At Sit and Sleep we have supplied sofa beds of all types to many satisfied boat owners. We understand the special demands of furnishing boats and have a selection of models from futon-style to contemporary sofa beds with such features as as large built-in storage compartments, modular design for easy access into tight spaces, and front operation to save space.

For sofa beds with a wooden frame, we offer many colours of wood stain to colour the base or (subject to materials) we can colour your base to suit your boat with your own stain during manufacture.

We can also make cushions and mattresses for other areas of your boat allowing you to have a fully coordinated look.

As we make most of sofa beds here in our Cambridge workshop, it's easy for us to design and build sofa beds to your exact requirements.

Storage Sofa Beds

We have a collection of designs with a large storage ability - big enough for duvets and pillows and all sorts of other things. Choose from futon-styles to contemporary sofas either with separate drawers or hidden storage compartments. 

Space Efficient Designs

So you can squeeze your sofa bed in between other things we have developed a quick and simple to use front operation call the Advaans Futon System. Pull out for a bed, lift and push-back for a sofa. Simple. See all of these in our Front Operated Sofa Beds section.

All of the sofa beds we make are delivered in small, modular sections. These take only minutes to prepare for use, and this allows for easy access through the tightest of doorways and the smallest of staircases too.

If your access is really difficult, many of our pine frames can be taken-apart and then moved bit by bit and then screwed back together again.

The Compact Sofa Bed

Designed especially with narrowboats in mind this model is all things. A full size two seater sofa, a full size double bed, raised well off the floor. It includes storage for bedding in the backrest which can be supplemented by a drawer under the seat.  It's front operated so it will fit between other fitments, but despite all of  this it's only 85cm deep front to back as a sofa.

Many of our other sofa bed products may also be suitable for your needs, please take a look around our site to see what we have to offer.

Many of our models can be seen on display at our factory showroom, open all day from Tuesday to Saturday.