Futon Mattresses and Futon Beds

With any futon sofa or bed, the futon mattress is the key to success.

Which is why we make all our Futon Mattresses here.

We fill every futon individually by hand, with the very best fillings available.

Then we button or tassel our futons, also by hand.  When you're working with natural materials - like pure lambswool and woollen felt - it pays to pay attention, which is why we don't use machines to make our futons so every one has that individual hand-made quality.

To go with our futons, if you don't need a sofa, consider one of our bed bases: each one as individual as our futons.  From ingenious lock-together designs from Tojo of Germany, to our ingenious fold away Perdu or Bend bed, each has something different to offer.

Naturally the eco-friendly sofa beds from Luonto, the stylish Innovation or fabulous Prostoria sofa beds also make excellent beds as well.