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MIMER Sofa Bed

Innovation Living of Denmark
  1. #Details#
    MIMER features the handmade SPRING or SOFT SPRING mattress with the option of a sleek, detachable cover.

    A truly wonderful choice of comfort. The SPRING mattress incorporates pocket springs enveloped in durable fillings to give a medium soft comfort.  The SOFT SPRING mattress consists of pocket springs with hyper soft foam added on top to ensure an extra soft and durable comfort. 
    Fixed Cover Mattress Detachable Cover Styles
    NORDIC Mattress
    This is the standard mattress with an upholstered appearance.  The cover is not removable.
    Mattress with NORDIC Detachable Cover
    The removable cover has sleek rounded  edges with corner styling. 
    Mattress with SHARP PLUS Detachable Cover
    Removable cover with raised hemming  along edges and corners.

    Original Innovation Product / All Rights Reserved

  2. #Comfort#
    This model comes with a choice of mattress specification which are designed and made in Denmark by Innovation Living:
    SPRING Mattress
    Featuring Pocket Springs, the SPRING mattress  is a natural choice for soft comfort with effective pressure relief.
    SOFT SPRING Mattress
    Offering unique comfort - achieved through a combination of  pocket springs and a built in topper  of hyper-soft foam.  Choose SOFT SPRING for extra sofa comfort.

    An optional topper mattress is available for this product
    This sofa bed has integrated storage for the TOPPER mattress under the seat.
    Alternatively the TOPPER can be stowed in its zip-close fabric bag which is supplied with each Topper.

  3. #Dimensions#
    Dimensions in cm
  4. #Packages#
    The MIMER Sofa Bed is supplied as below:

    Package 1: 70 x 10 x 207 cm - 37Kg
    Package 2: 35 x 8 x 9 cm - 5Kg
    Package 3: 44 x 36 x 97 cm - 18Kg
    Package 4: 140 x 17 x 200 cm - 22Kg
    Package 5: 33 x 4 x 64 cm - 1Kg 

  5. #Assembly#
    The MIMER Sofa Bed requires final assembly before use.

    This takes around 30-45 minutes and can be easier with two people working together for some stages.

    You can download a PDF of the Assembly Instructions here.
  6. #Video#

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