What are our Futons Filled With?

At Sit and Sleep we believe every aspect of the futons we offer is equaly important.  There is little point in having wonderful designs if delivery takes months, or quick delivery and poor aftersales service...  Which is why when it comes to futon fillings, nothing but the best will do.  Since forming our business we have made many thousands of futons and with all of this experience, over the years we've learned what it takes to make what we believe are the best futons available.

Here are some of the details of what our futons are made from:

Pure Virgin Wool

Sounds luxurious doesn't it?   and it is.  Every futon we make is finished with a top and bottom layer of pure wool.  This gives the mattress a lovely soft touch and a luxury feel.

Wool is also a natural fire inhibitor.  This is important because the wool layer ensures your futon more than meets the stringent UK Fire Regulations for Upholstered Furniture.  

Core Woollen Felt

A rather industrial sounding name for a very important filling.  This is the latest filling specifically developed for futons.  Supplied to us by John Cotton Ltd of Yorkshire, Core Felt is the result of many years of research and development which has resulted in a filling which offers the best of all characteristics.  Made mostly of woollen fibres, it's certainly largely natural, but these fibres are carefully teased and needled and mixed with polyester thermal fibres.  During the preparation process these are heated and this bonds the polyester fibres to the felt.

The finished product then has a lovely soft but resilient feel with a good loft but not too heavy.  John Cotton Ltd are world leaders in non-woven fibre technology and the combination of traditional filling materials with their expert production processes have created a futon filling that is light but durable, comfortable but supportive.

Unlike older-style futon fillings, core felt should give many years of use without going flat and makes a futon which isn't so heavy to handle.

Reflex Foam

There are some people who want their futon to be as natural and authentic as possible and our Original  and Supreme specificaltions with a mixture of wool and core felt certainly offers that. 

Many futons, however, are used these days as regular sofas or beds and to make them even more comfortable and durable a layer of foam tucked in amongst the core felt makes them a lot better.

In keeping with all our fillings we don't use just any old foam.  Like many things in life you get what you pay for, and with foam a higher price equals a higher quality.

We use quality Reflex foam.  This is quite similar to memory foam which has become such a popular choice for mattresses.  

Reflex Foam moulds and supports in a similar way to Memory foam, but has a little more bounce and resilience and blends really well with the characteristics of the natural futon fillings. To further the quality boundary we use high-density, but soft grade Reflex foam and we use a full 40mm thick pad.  All of this costs a little more but gives a fillilng which is lovely and comfortable, but also very durable, in fact it comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Cheaper forms of foam can give similar results in the short-term but they quickly collapse and crumb-down leaving you with nothing there at all!

SuperBond Polyester

Our foam-core futons are undoubtably superb, but alternatively we can make your futon with additional layers of polyester.  This is a light, soft layer that will add loft and comfort whilst keeping the overall weight of your futon light and easy to handle.

As with our other fillings, we only use the best available and the polyester we use is Superbond polyester.  Again supplied by John Cotton Ltd, this is a specially developed form of polyester pad made for futons and bed mattresses.  To make the grade Superbond has to pass strict tests monitored by Trading Standards to confirm it's durability and resilience.  This is achieved by using hollowfibre spirals of polyester, which are bonded together by heat to form a lovely, remarkably light, but comfortable layer that will last and last.

Our range of futons is based on various selections of the fillings detailed above.

As different  applications make different demands on your futon, we have created a selection of filling combinations which should satisfy most uses.

As all our futons are hand made on site , naturally we can vary the filling specification to your expact requirements if you prefer.