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  1. #Details#
    Technically the SYSTEM BED base is made from multiplex beech which can be easily and quickly assembled or disassembled.

    More importantly, this is an amazing sophisticated bed, like the mathematical bridge - no bolts, no screws - just clever design.

    Our range of luxurious Innovation futons are an ideal companion to the System Bed, but any type of mattress can be used if you prefer.

  2. #Dimensions#

    Width 90, 160, 180 or 200cm
    Length 200cm
    Height 22cm - Underbed Clearance 20cm

  3. #Packages#

    System Bed (160) box = 200 x 19 x 18cm : 31kg
    System Bed (180) box = 200 x 19 x 18cm : 32kg

  4. #Assembly#

    Easy to assemble and disassemble!

    Unpack from the box.
    Position the System cube legs. 
    Place the cross bed slats into position on the cube legs.

    No screws - no glues