Sleeping Solutions

To any question there can be many answers, when it comes to today's need for space efficiency and flexible living, here are some of ours.

Think about bed alternatives such as fold up chair beds

Sit and Sleep offer a wide range of sleeping solutions. These are great alternatives to sofas and beds and enable you to save maximum space in the room.

  • Take a look at our Kewb - an exceptional folding chair bed and the ultimate in flexibility.
  • Or consider the ZipZap chair, which shows how simple can be very efficient.
  • Alternatively our fold-up beds and mattresses give a different solution to an age old problem. With our unique sleeping solutions, we provide concepts that are practical and effective but also interesting and evocative.

Every fold-up mattress, roll-up mattress and folding chair bed idea is a Sit and Sleep original, designed and made exclusively in our own workshop. You definitely won't find anything like these sleeping solutions anywhere else.

If you're looking for some accessories, look at our Cushions & Futon Tables section.

BEND Fold-Up Bed
  • Foam Filled
  • Space Saving Design
  • Fully Assembled
£ 225.00
KEWB Table - Sofa - Chair - Bed
  • Space Saving Concept
  • Fully Assembled
  • Our Own Design
£ 290.00
PERDU Hideaway Bed
  • Normal Bed Height
  • Wheels for Easy Movement
  • Space Saving Concept
£ 240.00
ZIPIT FOAM - Roll-Up Mattress
  • Perfect for Sleepovers
  • Cover is Removable
  • Reflex Foam Filled
£ 145.00
ZIPIT FUTON - Roll-Up Mattress
  • Comfortable Futon Fillings
  • Easy to Store
  • Excellent Value
£ 99.00
ZIPZAP - Flexible Chair Bed
  • Space Saving Concept
  • Simply Slots Together
  • Reflex Foam Filled
£ 199.00