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VOGAN Sofa Bed

Optional Topper Mattress 120-200cm :
Optional Fabric Protection for Innovation Sofabeds :
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  1. #Details#
    Brothers Oliver & Lukas Weiss-Krogh have created a sofa that can be adjusted to personalise the seat depth and comfort of the sofa.

    For this reason, VOGAN Sofa Bed is made with a split seat which accommodates different preferences for seating depth.   In addition the designers have given VOGAN an unrelenting and elegantly rounded shape.

    The VOGAN also has a of a wood shelf integrated into the back of the sofa - intended to serve as a small table for a cup of coffee or glass of wine, a lamp, flowers or any use scenarios.  Fully extended, the VOGAN serves as a 120 x 200 cm bed with excess pocket spring composition that provides a durable and soft comfort.

    A larger variant VOGAN LOUNGER is also available.  

  2. #Fillings#

    The VOGAN Sofa bed has a Excess Pocket Spring composition:

    The higher coils in the Excess Pocket Spring models provide a softer sofa comfort. In combination with the core foam casing, the Excess mattress has higher absorption of pressure on each spring for a more comfortable sleep.

  3. #Dimensions#
    Dimensions in cm:

  4. #Packages#
    The VOGAN Sofa Bed is supplied as 5 packages:
    Box 1: 208 x 33 x 10 cm18 kg
    Box 2: 209 x 47 x 13 cm 22 kg
    Box 3: 147 x 124 x 43 cm43 kg
    Box 4: 147 x 84 x 43 cm 32 kg
    Box 5: 127 x 63 x 24 cm26kg

  5. #Assembly#
    The VOGAN sofa bed requires some home assembly which should take around 45 minutes.
    You may find it easier if two people are available to assist with some stages of the assembly.

    You can download a PDF of the Assembly Instructions here.

An optional Topper Mattress is available with the Vogan Sofa bed