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3 / 5
Optional Removable Cover : With Removable Cover +50Optional HEADBOARD ARMS : Without Optional Headboard ArmsSelect MATTRESS SPECIFICATION : PolyLux Mattress +30
As aboveBought a single futon with the upgraded mattress. This is quite expensive and was hoping for something a bit better for the money. The design is nice but built from unfinished plain pine. I paid for the premium mattress which is good quality but looks like an over inflated balloon in the seat as a bit too puffy. Overall happy enough but was hoping for. Slightly better quality for the prfice. .
Dean M. 3/24/2019 at 17h18
Thank you for taking the time to place a review on the Traditional Futon.

Regarding the futon mattress which you upgraded with the PolyLux filling - this will be a little "lively" at first as the polyester layer will tend to make the mattress a little springy/puffy. As the mattress is used more and settles down you should find the mattress becomes accustomed to the double fold for the futon frame and becomes tidier in appearance.

. 3/24/2019 at 19h19