Product Information

Are your products delivered fully assembled? Details
    The majority of our products require some home-assembly. Currently, the KEWB and the STAKKA futon are the only products which are delivered fully assembled.
Can you arrange for an item to be assembled upon delivery? Details
    Assembly of a product for customers is not a service that we offer as standard. Requests will be considered on an individual basis - customers can contact Sit and Sleep to see if this service is available in their delivery area. There is an additional charge if this service is available.
Can your Removable / Detachable Covers be washed? Details
    It depends on the specific fabric that the Removable / Detachable Cover is made from. Our 'PRIME' fabric (available as an option on our self-made futon products) can be machine-washed at low temperature but all others are dry-clean only. Each cover has a fabric care label sewn in to it to illustrate the correct cleaning method.
What do you mean by Removable or Detachable Cover? Details
    Customers can select to have their choice of fabric for their futon mattress made as either a button-fixed (non-removable) cover or as a Removable Cover. Removable Covers fit over the futon mattress like a snug-fitting duvet cover and can be taken off for dry-cleaning whereas button-fixed covers cannot be removed and any cleaning that is required has to be done whilst still being buttoned in place.
Where can I find the dimensions for a product that I am interested in? Details
    Diagrams of each model, both in sofa mode and bed mode (where relevant) with all of the dimensions are found in the ‘Dimensions’ tab below the main image(s) on each of the main pages of the respective products.
Will Sit and Sleep Removable Covers fit my futon mattress, which was bought somewhere else? Details
    Sit and Sleep Removable Covers are sized to fit Sit and Sleep futon mattresses, however they may well fit futon mattresses purchased elsewhere. Customers should measure their own futon mattress (in centimetres) and check these against the dimensions shown for Sit and Sleep futon mattresses. The dimensions are found in the 'Dimensions' tab below the main image on the ‘Futon Mattresses On Their Own’ page. Please call us if you need further advice.