The Advaans Futon System

What is it?

The Advaans Futon System is quite simply the easiest way of converting a futon sofa out to a bed and back to a sofa again.  Operated entirely from the front, our own unique design and made here in our Cambridge workshop.

How does it operate?

Simply pull on the seat front and the sofa folds out to form a bed.  Lift the seat up and push, and the bed folds back up to give a sofa.  The futon mattress automatically folds itself.

What makes it work?

The Advaans Futon System works by combining a specially developed base design together with our unique "Duo-Futon".

The apprearance of the base on the Advaans Futon System sofa bed looks like a classical futon frame but conceals a clever and effective mechanism which allows the frame to be operated easily from the front only in one simple action out, or back again.

The "Duo-Futon" used on the Advaans system is equally special and consists of a two-part futon connected by a hinge that enables the two parts of the duo-futon to move in perfect harmony together.  Depending on the individual model design an Advaans Futon System sofa bed may either use a Duo-futon, foam block cushions or a Supreme futon.

What Advantages does this give?

  • All models in the Advaans Futon System range are operated from the front only - so side and rear access is not needed making them ideal for tight spaces.

  • The Duo-Futon fitted to Advaans Futon System sofa beds folds out and back again automatically so there is no heavy moving of the futon mattress involved.

  • The two-part duo-futon avoids having to fold the mattress over the top of the backrest, unlike all other two seater front operated futon sofa beds, and this allows the futon mattress to be much thicker and have more filling in it which provides a much more comfortable sofa or bed.

  • The Duo-Futon enables the rear section of the futon to tuck down low behind the backrest giving a very discrete appearance.

  • Designed and made here at Sit and Sleep, and so it does not  use an imported metal frame which is better for the environment, better for the country, and better for you the customer - as we make it all here should any part ever need replacing it can easily and quickly be dealt with, try that with an imported metal base from the Far-East!

What models use this system?

We have developed a choice of six models each offering individual style and their own unique appearance and function to suit different needs.  Each of them uses a variation on the Advaans Futon System.

The Rapid

A futon-style full size double bed or two seater sofa which can be supplied with our high capacity store-drawer option. The Rapid can be also supplemented by our upholstered arms and the base can be finished in a choice of eight colours or for a unique appearance why not consider our new Harlequin multi colour base.

The Kiss

A contemporary sofa-style fully-upholstered small double sofa bed with a large hidden storage compartment.  Also available is the supplementary store-drawer which wheels out from the sofa - an ideal place to keep all the bedding

The Snug

A hybrid style full size double sofa bed.  The Snug combines a Duo-Futon mattress with fully upholstered arms and frame to give a sumptuous look.  The Snug also incorporates a massive under-seat hidden storage compartment which can be further enhanced by our store-drawer option. 

The Avant

A truely striking individual model giving a full-size double bed or two seater sofa which also conceals a large storage compartment.  Available with our store-drawer option this gives plenty of space for a duvet, two pillows or any manner of other things you need to store away.  Available in eight exciting wood colours. 

The Max

A three-seater sofa or full size double bed which uses the Advaans Futon System frame with a Supreme futon mattress.  The Max has the option of two store-drawers giving a truely impressive amount of space to put bedding or anything else.  The backrest space also provides a useful place to put a duvet if you really need to make every inch count.  Available in eight wood stain finishes or our new Harlequin look.

The Compact

A full size bed, a full size two-seater sofa.  Large store drawer option and backrest storage space, and all this in a sofa bed that is only 85cm deep! (front to back as sofa).  The Compact is ideal where space is at a premium and you need all the storage space you can get.  Choose from eight base colours.

All the frames (and futons) using the Advaans Futon System are designed and 100% made here at Sit and Sleep in our Cambridge workshop, they do not use a bought-in mechanism.  Not only does this ensure that any parts can be supplied immediately but it also avoids importing heavy, clunky environmentally unfriendly metal frames from the Far East.

Don't be misled by other futon sites dressing imported metal frames with wooden trim sections and then claiming they are all "made in the UK"!